شرکت دانش بنیان مبتکر بتن سورین


Types of installation methods of GFRC (GRC):

The installation and implementation of GRC GFRC facade will be different according to the dimensions, design and installation conditions (in terms of access). In general, depending on the size and type of parts, it is mainly done dry by connections and bolts with hidden connections or welding connections, or by a combined method with scoop and grout, which in the implementation of the combined method of scoop and grout, how to implement It is like installing a stone facade.


 Familiarity with the installation method of GFRC (GRC) facade of Sorin company:

The production of GRC parts is done according to the design and dimensions desired by the customer. As a result, its implementation varies according to different methods. This company usually installs parts with dimensions of about 0.25 to 2 square meters by the installation system in the form of bolts and nuts and parts with larger dimensions by the method of lamination or chassis drawing connected to the part or making the installation connection from the GRC product itself. 


How is the installation process of GRC facade:

After carrying out structural calculations and confirming it by the employer, drawing the metal chassis to eliminate the instability of the building, making the parts according to the installation details approved by the parties and already embedded in the parts, by opening connections (screws) and nuts, etc.) are added to the chassis. During the design of these connections, the ability to adjust the parts will be considered. It should be noted that after standard installation, the placement of bolts and brackets cannot be seen

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